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In modern society, more and more families have pets.

For dogs For dogs For dogs

They also deserve to be healthy and it is our responsibility to take care of them to enjoy a unique friendship.

According to official data, in the world are 171 million dogs registered as pets. Probably the figure is actually higher. Responsible pet owners, as a reward for the love and friendship which they receive, provide them with maximum care and comfort of their home. However, more and more pets get sick, just like diseases of the modern age. Therefore, they need protection.

CRYSTAL-NATURE offers dog’s pads that are placed in a place where a dog sleeps. Crystals stimulate the body’s natural ability of self healing. They emit heat energy and act on organs.

Crystals and minerals in the CRYSTAL-NATURE pads, help to balance and strengthen the body’s energy and regenerate the state of bioenergy field. This helps to improve general health and protects from natural and technical radiations.

CRYSTAL-NATURE dog’s pads are available in two sizes – depending on the weight (Large dogs >11 kg/50x50 cm; Small dogs <11 kg/50x25 cm).

CRYSTAL-NATURE dog’s pad helps to restore the natural balance of your pet:

  • balances and strengthens energy
  • encourages natural ability of self healing
  • helps with energy recovery
  • protects against electromagnetic, groundwater and other radiations in a way that supports and strengthens the immune system
  • restores mobility in older dogs and dogs with chronic diseases of the locomotor system (diseases of the spine, joints...)

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