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We present to you first horse blanket with crystals.

Horse blankets

Blankets for horses with CRYSTAL-NATURE crystals are specially created to help to resolve the most common problems facing horses, especially those involved in professional sport. Apart from crystals, also contributing to the therapeutic features of Crystal blanket is a special material that significantly helps to increase the oxygen level in blood, in this having a positive effect on increasing strength, quicker recovery of muscle tissue and regulation of body temperature.

Helps to:

  • increases the oxygen level in blood
  • improves the performance of your horse
  • provides your horse with more energy
  • increases the oxygen level and blood flow in your horse’s body
  • strength, quicker recovery of muscle tissue
  • regulation of body temperature, improved circulation
  • eliminates unpleasant back pain and stiffness

CRYSTAL-NATURE horse blankets are available in two different designs – depending on the temperament of the horse.

Crystal Relax – for temperamental horses with aim of reducing fear and stress. It is characterized by its combination of silver and crystals to provide a calming effect.

Crystal Energy – increasing the energy of lethargic horses in order to achieve better sport results. Contains a combination of gold and crystals.

Apart from blankets, bandage pads are also available.

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