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We can make a special insert with crystals for you
in the size that you need for a particular purpose.


There are many benefits if you surround yourself with crystals, and we completely understand if you want to sit on the crystals while working on the computer, driving car, relaxing in front of the TV, or if you find it important that your pets feel the benefits of crystal healing effects, too.

It has been also proven that the crystals change the structure of water molecules, so we recommend that you order coasters (for cups and glasses) filled with crystals, to drink healthier and better.

Therefore, CRYSTAL-NATURE offers in its assortment inserts with crystals in different sizes so you can place them in different places and use for different purposes:

  • mattresses and all kinds of beds
  • pillows
  • children’s car seats, armchairs, office chairs, car seats
  • coasters for cups and glasses
  • back belts
  • blankets for horses, beds for dogs

Order insert with crystals and put it under your mattress, on your favorite couch or chair while resting, insert it into your pillow or in a baby’s cot. You can insert it in the back belt and use it as coaster for a glass of water.

The possibilities are many and if you decide for some, contact us and we will be happy to help you, with the aim to raise the quality of your life.

If you would like to order product or inform about the price, you can contact us via form below.


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